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Invented by a veterinarian, for veterinarians: the comfy, humane E-Collar alternative

Dr. Williams, the veterinarian who invented the Surgi Snuggly after getting fed up with the dreaded e-collar for dogsAcross the country, your peers are finding that  Surgi Snuggly provides exceptional comfort for dogs while making it easier for your clients treating dog wounds and many other conditions… even anxiety.

Veterinarians tell us they’re thrilled to find a compassionate solution for after-surgery comfort, using Surgi Snuggly for:

  • Complete perianal coverage
  • Complete urogenital coverage
  • Recuvyra/ Topical Fentanyl coverage
  • Post surgical warmth
  • Holding gauze and Telfa pads without tape (less painful on road rash/burns)
  • Aiding anxiety behavior in dogs
  • Making senior dogs more comfortable   

In fact, you’ll want to add Surgi Snuggly to your practice’s senior dog supplies as well as post-surgical care supplies.

“I hate using an e-collar!”
If you often hear this from your clients, or you feel this way yourself, visit ourSurgi Snuggly wholesale section for further details on how this innovative wound care garment is making a major difference to dogs, their caregivers and veterinary teams.


Kudos from the Veterinary Industry
and Business World

3rd Place Winner!
New Product Showcase:
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association
"The vets and techs like them and its a great concept,
great idea …"

Statement from Vice President of Atlanta Humane Society
1 of only 6 companies accepted into the

Start Up Chicks
Start Up incubator program 2011

Used by Texas A&M and Tufts University



Ask the Vet

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