No more dog cone! Surgi Snuggly gently helps your dog recuperate with a soft wrap.

Why are so many dogs getting cancer?    

Dogs are living longer and more dogs are living inside where physical or emotional changes may be noticed more often.  There also seems to be a genetic component in some cancers, because we’ve seen where some breeds seem more prone to cancers than others such as Golden Retrievers.

We can be proactive, we know that spaying female dogs decreases the chances of mammory cancer in female dogs. Keeping sunscreen on ears and noses will help to protect our pets from the sun.

Reducing environmental factors and keeping your pets fit helps lower cancer risk.    

We can only be diligent in helping our dogs to avoid cancer but sometimes it isn’t enough and our dogs find themselves in surgery having tumors removed and cancers treated.  

Loving our pets, keeping them calm and comfortable during this time is the best  we can do. 

Surgi Snuggly strives to provide you with the most comfortable recovery product available. 

Invented by a veterinarian, Surgi Snuggly is the comfy, humane E-Collar alternative

Surgi Snuggly is soft body wrap  providing a soft comforting and calming barrier to your pets surgical site. 

Cancer is scary, your pets recovery doesn't have to be.  

See how Surgi Snuggly promotes comfort and faster healing in your dog. >>


Cancers found in dogs today that respond well to the Surgi Snuggly Wrap …

Imagine you’ve just picked up your dog from the hospital after surgery .  Usually you’d have to purchase an E-Collar (dog Elizabethan collar), which is the large plastic dog cone that goes over the neck to keep your dog away from the surgical area. Unfortunately, E Collars prevent dogs from doing normal activities. They usually don’t eat, they don’t drink, and they certainly can’t rest or sleep very easily. They already feel awful!

With the Surgi Snuggly, your dog can do all those things, plus rest comfortably uninterrupted at home.  

Surgi Snuggly can help you and your pet recover in comfort after surgery.   

The fabric protects the entire body by stretching in 4 different directions. Plus you can wash it repeatedly and dry it at high temperatures — and it holds it shape.




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It is my mission to provide meaningful, useful products for you and your pets ensuring your lives together are the fullest, healthiest and happiest!
Tonua Williams, CEO Surgi Snuggly