Surgi~Snuggly ™, tips & tricks

Tips for sizing

There are many tips and tricks that Ive discovered during the development of the Surgi Snuggly including sizing tips!

1. If the tail tabs that go in between the legs are too long, simply place a loose knot in one or both tabs to take up the extra length!

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Whats difference in the regular, short an long?

The Surgi Snuggly comes in 10 basic sizes which are small - x large
and 2 additional sizes which are xxsmall and  xxlarge.

The 10 basic and most common sizes are the following...

Medium short
Medium long
Large short
Large long
XLarge short
XLarge long

Of these sizes 3 contain short and long versions of the Surgi Snuggly.

The only difference in the sizing is the body length (from the neck to the tail )

Medium short measured from neck to tail is 13"
Medium measured neck to tail is 15"
Medium long measured from neck to tail is 17"

Everything about the 3 medium suits is exactly the same from the weight, to the tail tab legnth, to the tail hole to the leg placement. The only difference in the sizing is the body length (from the neck to the tail )

This is the exact same size model we use for the 3 large and 3 xl sizes too!

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Pet Incontinence, Now What?

We have come to know many pet owners who are at a stand still on what to do regarding their pets incontinence. It's a difficult problem with serious questions to ponder. Why does incontinence happen? What can we do about it?

There are several issues leading to incontinence in pets and while we cannot fix your pets incontinence, we can assist you if your dog is wearing diapers or pads.

We have found that surgi Snuggly is an excellent diaper keeper for those who furry genies magically get their diapers off.

Surgi Snuggly is just about escape proof!

So while we will refer you to your local vet for medical treatment, we can offer you some piece of mind should you find yourself in this position.

If you have questions just ask here or give us a call at 770.286.6239

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It is my mission to provide meaningful, useful products for you and your pets ensuring your lives together are the fullest, healthiest and happiest!
Tonua Williams, CEO Surgi Snuggly