Let's face it, many of our pets LOVE to swim!!! I can't keep Hannah out of the water. We must keep our pets safe, remember they do not know that the water is dangerous. Below are a few suggestions for keeping your pets safe this summer!

I don’t believe dogs understand what a swimming pool or lake is or how dangerous it can be. Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Many dogs fall in the pool only once, and after they are rescued by their family, never again willingly go back into the water. Every summer there are unsuspecting dogs who fall into the pool when no one else is around. Some drown because they are alone and cannot swim. Others can swim, but quickly become exhausted when they cannot figure out how to get out of the pool.
The well-dressed dog
 Thre are many types of life jackets available, put one on and keep it on!
Alarm me!
 Get a swimming pool alarm system. Particularly appealing were some with both a poolside and a remote alarm, so no matter whether you are near the pool or inside the house, you can hear it go off. These alarms detect motion in the pool water. There are other alarms worn on your dog’s collar. These alarms begin beeping when they get wet, alerting you to the fact that your dog has fallen into the pool. For reviews on pool alarms, check out the Good Housekeeping Research Institute website.
Fenced out
 I also found an assortment of pool fences to cordon off your pool from an inquisitive puppy. There are removable fences that form a temporary barrier, providing safety, while maintaining aesthetics. Pool nets stretch over your pool, and while designed to keep children from falling into the pool, they would also keep small dogs safe. You could also construct an invisible barricade by installing an electric fence or by quickly setting up a wireless instant pet fence.
Stairway to safety
 If your pool has stairs rather than a ladder, spend some time in the pool with your dog, teaching him how to swim to the stairs and use them to get out of the pool. If your pool only has a ladder, then consider installing a ramp and teaching your dog to use it to escape from the water.
For other helpful pool safety suggestions for the whole family, try the National Drowning Prevention Alliance website