We have found the Surgi Snuggly be tremendously helpful in assisting dogs with itchy skin!

The most obvious way is by keeping the dogs nails from having direct contact with and tearing the skin. The Snuggly also keeps external allergens out of direct contact with the skin and hair. I think that the compression of the garment and the anti anxiety properties of this garment help to relieve the stress and anxiety for the animal resulting in the animals over all comfort. We have seen time after time the Surgi Snuggly change an animals scratching reactions to itchy skin! Pets go from scratching and tearing their skin to not scratching and not tearing their skin!

Will this work for all itchy dogs, probably not but this does work quite well on the ones that we have seen, tested and been told about!

If you have itchy dogs, give the Snuggly a try it may just work for them!