Ok the boating season will close soon, however I ran across this article today and wanted to share with you the following.
This article is really on target, boating anxiety is common and at our house of course we use the Surgi Snuggly, wonder suit for our boating adventures! Hannah is able to run, swim and relax in her Surgi Snuggly! Wearing the Snuggly is an excellent way for Hannah to be able to enjoy the summer fun yet not stress from the boat movement!

Although the dog days of summer are coming to an end, boating season still has weeks left. Don't leave your pooch behind when you head out on the water - many dogs like riding in boats just as much as humans do. The fresh air and opportunities to stop and swim are perfect for canine companions, just make sure you prepare them for the experience before taking off.

According to Dog Friendly, there are four things you should do before embarking on a boat trip - whether it's a leisurely cruise in a kayak or an action-packed motorboat ride. If your dog has never seen a boat, take the steps to properly introduce it to the unfamiliar vehicle. Bring your dog on board when the boat is docked and the motor is off to let it sniff around, the website suggests. If it seems wary and anxious about hopping aboard, owners may want to employ a Dog Ramp for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks to make climbing aboard easier. Take the dog off the boat and far away while someone else starts the engine so it gets familiar with the sound the boat makes. With the engine running, allow your dog to explore the boat again at its own pace, the website suggests.

Once all passengers are ready to hit the water, make sure the boat is stocked with everything the pet might need for the trip. Just as human passengers need life jackets, dogs do, too. The website reports that in case the dog jumps or falls off-board during the cruise, a life jacket could save its life. You should also slather the pooch up with sunscreen, especially if it has a white coat or short hair. Sunburns can be painful and skin cancer can be worse, so have a vet recommend a good sunscreen for Fido.

Keep plenty of cold water and pet food handy, just like us our furry friends need cold drink and snacks to ensure a wonderful day out on the water!