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Swimming Dog Dangers

Let's face it, many of our pets LOVE to swim!!! I can't keep Hannah out of the water. We must keep our pets safe, remember they do not know that the water is dangerous. Below are a few suggestions for keeping your pets safe this summer!

I don’t believe dogs understand what a swimming pool or lake is or how dangerous it can be. Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Many dogs fall in the pool only once, and after they are rescued by their family, never again willingly go back into the water. Every summer there are unsuspecting dogs who fall into the pool when no one else is around. Some drown because they are alone and cannot swim. Others can swim, but quickly become exhausted when they cannot figure out how to get out of the pool.
The well-dressed dog
 Thre are many types of life jackets available, put one on and keep it on!
Alarm me!
 Get a swimming pool alarm system. Particularly appealing were some with both a poolside and a remote alarm, so no matter whether you are near the pool or inside the house, you can hear it go off. These alarms detect motion in the pool water. There are other alarms worn on your dog’s collar. These alarms begin beeping when they get wet, alerting you to the fact that your dog has fallen into the pool. For reviews on pool alarms, check out the Good Housekeeping Research Institute website.
Fenced out
 I also found an assortment of pool fences to cordon off your pool from an inquisitive puppy. There are removable fences that form a temporary barrier, providing safety, while maintaining aesthetics. Pool nets stretch over your pool, and while designed to keep children from falling into the pool, they would also keep small dogs safe. You could also construct an invisible barricade by installing an electric fence or by quickly setting up a wireless instant pet fence.
Stairway to safety
 If your pool has stairs rather than a ladder, spend some time in the pool with your dog, teaching him how to swim to the stairs and use them to get out of the pool. If your pool only has a ladder, then consider installing a ramp and teaching your dog to use it to escape from the water.
For other helpful pool safety suggestions for the whole family, try the National Drowning Prevention Alliance website

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Adenocarcinoma in Dogs

Although no one wants to hear that their beloved pet has cancer, the one thing we can do is try to keep them comfortable while going through their treatment. When I first began development of the Surgi Snuggly (3 years ago), my neighbors Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cancer. They went through several rounds of tumor removal and how I wish the Snuggly had been available at that time. Like a wound on a person these wounds are painful and they hurt. Im glad to be able to now offer a soft comfortable solution to some cancer patients. I think the Surgi Snuggly is an excellent product for the dogs diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, anal sac cancer because it covers the entire rear of the pet keeping it as soft and protected as possible!Tonua

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1 in 4 dogs get cancer

Do you know that 25% of all dogs will get cancer , that means 1 out of every 4 dogs will get cancer.  Skin cancer encompasses a broad category of tumors that includes any uncontrolled growth of cells of the skin or associated structures such as glands, hair follicles and supportive tissues (fat and connective tissue).  The skin is the most common site of cancer in dogs, affecting older dogs who are about 6 to 14 years of age, although there are several types of skin cancers that occur in young animals as well . The cause of most skin cancers is really unknown, sun exposure has been shown to cause a higher incidence of two types of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and hemangioma. Light-colored dogs with thin haircoats that spend time in the sun have a higher risk of developing either squamous cell carcinoma or hemangioma.  Skin cancers can be divided into four categories, depending upon the cell type that is involved. These categories are epithelial tumors, mesenchymal tumors, round cell tumors and melanomas.  Most skin cancers appear as a lump in or underneath the skin or as a sore that does not heal. Animals with skin cancer may experience discomfort or itchiness because of the cancer ( his is also the case with humans). This may cause them to chew or scratch at the affected area. With certain types of cancer, there may also be redness to the skin or it may have a flaky appearance.  If you dog has a lump, a sore that doesn't heal or a body area that they keep chewing on, please take them to the vet to be checked. Pet cancer like a lot of cancers can be treated effectively when caught early. My neighbor went through cancer with her dog. I am happy to report that both are now doing well. I highly recommend pet insurance. Cancer treatment in dogs just like in humans can be very expensive and having pet insurance to help with that cost can help to relieve the additional stress.  Don't forget to suntan lotion on your pets noses!Tonua

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Support your local Veterinarians!

Chateau Elan Animal Hospital, Winder Ga.

Chatham Animal Hospital, Savannah Ga.

Dacula Animal Hospital, Dacula Ga.

Evans Mill Animal Hospital, Lithonia Ga.

Lavista Animal Hospital, Decatur Ga.

Madison Veterinary Clinic, Madison Ga.

Red Bud Veterinary Service, Red Bud Il.

Veterinary Specialties, Sherrills Ford NC.

Walnut Creek Animal Hospital, Purcell Ok.

University of Ga. Community Practice Clinic

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Welcome aboard to our newest Veterinarians!

The Surgi Snuggly is available through your local veterinarians, so please ask yours if they have the Surgi Snuggly!  Your veterinarian will help you choose the size and help you fit your pet properly!

Please see our complete list of veterinarians using the Surgi Snuggly as well as these newest additions.

Alabama Spay and Neuter

Best Friends Animal Hospital / Statesboro, Ga.

Betz Vet Service/ Kingsland, Ga.

BridgeMill Animal Hospital/ Canton, Ga.

Brightman Pet Clinic/Shalimar, Fl.

Canal Road Animal Hospital / Orange Beach, Al.

Centre Court Vet Clinic / Atlanta, Ga.

Copper Basin Vet Clinic /McCaysville, Ga.

Eastwood Animal Clinic/ Irondale, Al.

Fort Payne Veterinary Center/ Fort Payne, Al.

Highland Animal Hospital / Augusta, Ga.

Irwin Animal Hospital / Bellefontaine, Ohio

Karns Animal Clinic/ Knoxville, Tn.

Oporto Animal Clinic / Birmingham, Al.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

Riverside Animal Hospital / Macon, Ga.

Senoia Animal Hospital/ Senoia, Ga.

Southwood Animal Hospital / Warner Robbins, Ga.

Sugar Creek Animal Hospital / Bentonville, Ar. 72712

Sweetwater Creek Animal Hospital

The Pet Doctor / Theodore, Al.

Vulcan Park Animal Care

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Welcome Aboard!!

Animal and Bird Hospital of Clearwater, Clearwater, FL.

Animal Clinic of Lady Lake, Lady Lake, FL.
Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle, Shoreline, WA.
Boston Street Animal Hospital, Baltimore, MD.
Coble Animal Hospital, Springfield, IL.
Doskey Mobile Vet Care, Gretna, LA.
Dr. Chuck Noonan, Weston, Ct.
Essex Animal Hospital, Essex On Canada
Landisville Animal Hospital, Landisville, PA.
Mandak Veterinary Services, Ballston Spa, Ny.

Park Animal Hospital, Massapequa Park, NY
Ridge Lake Animal Hospital, Woodbridge, VA.
Rivergate Veterinary Clinic, New York, NY.
Roosevelt Veterinary Center, Brewster, NY
Seaford Veterinary Medical Center, Yorktown, VA.
Summit Pet Hospital, Erie, PA.
Trenton Animal Hospital, Trenton, FL.

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Surgi Snuggly used with pads!

I saw this post and comment online today and I wanted to pass it along, its a common question that we get regarding the Surgi Snuggly!

Q :"Is there anywhere I can get a sanitary pad holder/thong/pant for a dog?"

A: "All of that stuff is a complete waste of money as I have yet to find a female dog that will keep them on."

You must try the Surgi Snuggly, the unique and patent pending design of the Surgi Snuggly keeps the pad in place. Because of the closed back end of the Snuggly and the closure being on the dogs back the closing tabs are inaccessible to the dog! Not only are the closed tabs inaccessible, the closed tabs makes this a one piece body suit! Many know that most current products just come loose and fall off!   The Surgi Snuggly solves those issues with a one piece closed design that cannot fall off! You put the suit on, close it with the pad inserted and there it stays until you open the suit. You can open the suit easily to remove the suit, change the pad or take the puppy out to relieve themselves!
Its, Innovative and it's easy!

The attached photo shows the Surgi Snuggly in the open position! Simply put the open tabs in the back pocket and your out for a walk!

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Surgi Snuggly like an elizabethan collar for dogs?

The Surgi Snuggly is kind of like an e collar, however all e collars focus on putting something around the pets head and neck areas. The Surgi Snuggly is a full soft body suit thats focused on complete body coverage, not neck coverage. By focusing on the body the pets are less afraid, less stressed and a lot more comfortable!
Pets can eat, sleep, snuggly and go out all while wearing the Surgi Snuggly!
The Snuggly is wash,dry and can be worn for additional things besides wound coverage including stress and storm anxiety, warmth, swimming, sun protection!

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My dog chews his tail, can the Surgi Snuggly help

Today I received the following question, can the Surgi Snuggly be used on the tail of a dog? The dog in question is a newly acquired dog who needs to be boarded and the owner really doesn't want to put the cone on him. Can the Snuggly protect the tip of this dogs tail? This is a new question for me and honestly  I am not sure, however I think it may be possible. The Surgi Snuggly covers the entire trunk of the dogs body, perhaps by keeping the tail inside the fabric and between the legs if necessary this approach just may work. I do hope to be able to update this post soon with a positive outcome of this particular situation. Stay tuned!
Thank you Ms.S for this question, I hope we can help your boy out!

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Snuggly for senior and incontinent dogs

The Surgi Snuggly is commonly used for senior dogs and incontinent dogs who wear pads or full diapers. The patent pending tail tabs keep pads and diapers in place, the suit cannot be moved out of place, keeping the diaper in place and on your dog! Plus, the Surgi Snuggly just looks cool! Give your dog some dignity and swag with the diaper covering Surgi Snuggly!

I've uploaded a few photos to show you how well the Snuggly covers the entire back end including the diaper!

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Xipo E-commerce
It is my mission to provide meaningful, useful products for you and your pets ensuring your lives together are the fullest, healthiest and happiest!
Tonua Williams, CEO Surgi Snuggly