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It worked!

We have a larger long hair (crazy too) dachshund and it just barely fits with all his hair but it worked. He has never been house broken but we tired over 9 years. Just got a rescue mini who is house broken so the two can now play in the house. I may need to go up size up for the next one as I am not sure my wife can get this one on him like i can. Glad it is super stretchy and he doesn't even really notice it as it is too much fun running the house with the new pup.

Phil Lamb
Date of Posting: 14 April 2015
Posted By: Phil Lamb
The Surgi Snuggly has made me the happiest doggy mommy ever! My poor little Yorky has always had a problem with leakage. She pees in her sleep and doesn't even know she's done it. We'd had enough and I finally decided she was going to have to wear diapers. She was destroying our house, our furniture, everything she touched. However, the diapers just wouldn't stay on. I finally created something and it did keep the diaper on, however not well. And she wasn't very comfortable. She didn't want to run and play like usual. She would walk, but that was about it. So I was determined that there had to be something out there at would keep the diaper on. I discovered the snuggly and ordered it.

I have to admit I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be big and bulky, that she would be hot and not like it. The snuggly came within 2 days of ordering it and my dog has not stopped smiling and neither have I. She LOVES IT!! She is running and jumping just like normal. The material is so soft, comfortable and stretchy that I'm not sure she even knows its on. My precious baby is back to normal and now we will have a clean house again! I couldn't be happier and will definitely be ordering a couple more.

Thanks for inventing this wonderful product for dogs that desperately need to wear a diaper. You have made our lives so much more liveable and I know this snuggly has extended my babies life.
Date of Posting: 21 March 2015
Posted By: Allyn Stotz
Baton Rouge, LA
I volunteer at a local shelter walking dogs and have seen the dreaded e-collar/cone in action. When I scheduled Bella for spaying, our vet said she would have to wear the e-collar after surgery, and she would get used to it. Two days prior to surgery I tried putting one on Bella. She wouldn't sit still, and once I got it on she was banging into walls until she sat down, head bowed, as if to say, "did I do something wrong, is that why you are punishing me"? The sad look on her face prompted me to look for an alternative, and that's how I found your product. I called you in a panic on Tuesday and you assured me I would have the Snuggly by Thursday when Bella's spaying was going to take place. She came home on Thursday and I slipped the Snuggly on her. She's been unable to lick the wound site and seems very comfortable wearing it. It also keeps her a bit warmer in the freezing NY temperatures we've been experiencing.

Thanks very much for your help !

Neil Galli
Date of Posting: 06 February 2015
Posted By: Neil Galli
This item was great. It gave my puppy a sense of security after she was spayed and helped prevent her from scratching her incision site.
Date of Posting: 06 January 2015
Posted By: Louise
My dog was spayed and had several tumors removed from under her nipples, and ended up with four stitched lines on her tummy. I got this to use instead of the cone of shame (which she hates and figured out how to get around for licking anyway). This thing was so much better than I expected. She normally has to wear a diaper at night to keep her from peeing in the house, but she's an expert at getting out of them - by rubbing them off, chewing through them, stretching out of them. She's like a little doggie Houdini. Yet she couldn't figure out a way to get this off, or even budge it. And believe me, she tried. It was pretty entertaining to watch. It was comfortable, very stretchy, but still fit snuggly enough that it didn't move around. The straps were super easy to velcro up when she needed to go out to do her business, and just as easily put back around her. It was a little tricky getting her front legs in the holes the first couple times, especially with her standing as stiff as possible to make it hard for us. After that we just left it on her for the two weeks she needed to not lick. (This goes on similar to a t-shirt, head first, then stretched to fit the front legs through the leg holes, and pulled down over the rest of the body. The material actually feels a lot like a stretchy t-shirt.) I was worried it might rub the stitched areas on her tummy, since the cloth ends near her back nipples, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. It did rub off the hair in a tiny area on her chest where the neck hole touched and under her front armpits, but not enough to create any sore areas. She's a Queensland Heeler (cattle dog) who's about 45 pounds, and the X-Large fit just right. It allows her to move comfortably and didn't pinch anywhere.
Date of Posting: 04 January 2015
Posted By: S. Rivera
I absolutely love this light little "wrap." We have an elderly female dog who has to wear dog diapers while we're at work and overnight in our house (learned this the hard way after 2 carpets were ruined). I had a doggie diaper holder that had several flaps and Velcro, and it had to come off totally to get her diaper off. At 2 in the morning, having to do that got me so awake that I couldn't get back to sleep. But this is excellent. It holds the diaper on so that she can wriggle out of it, but the back flap comes up so I can take the diaper off and let her walk around outside without it. No need to take the "wrap" entirely off and then put the whole contraption back on again. Love this! And our dog seems to like it too! It's very soft and stretchy.
Date of Posting: 01 January 2015
Posted By: S.A. Young
Brought my girl home from hospital today brought this with me to the vet so she could wear it home, fit perfectly (thank you customer service) and so far it is working like a charm. My vet LOVED it and had me send pic for her to show other docs that weren't there when I picked her up. The more people that discover this will make the cone of shame obsolete. Would highly recommend.
Date of Posting: 14 July 2014
Posted By: A Very Happy Patient
Hi Tonua,

The surgi-snuggly package just arrived (the overnight USPS delivery on a Saturday worked a treat!). It fits perfectly and I'm so glad to be able to take the e-collar off Narla to let her be able to recover from this next round of surgery. In true dachshund style after putting it on and without her bulky e-collar she was finally able to burrow under her blankets and she did exactly that, surgi-snuggly intact, so I can relax knowing she won't be chewing or licking her stitches but is much more comfy.
I was so glad I found you, and I was so grateful for your helpful assistance on the phone yesterday in determining the best size for Narla and figuring out best shipping for me to get it overnight today. Thank you ever so much.
PS action shot attached-about as much as I saw of her before she could finally burrow under her blankets!
Date of Posting: 30 June 2014
Posted By: Katie McCord
I knew my dog would want to lick his multiple incision sites on his torso from have some warts removed, but I just couldn't bear the thought of making him wear the dreaded cone. This has been the perfect solution! He hasn't shown any signs of annoyance with it whatsoever, which makes us both happy. The only negative for me is having to roll it up for every potty break, but I understand why it's necessary since you would need that area covered after spay or neutering. Overall, I think it's a genius design! My dog is a large frame, pudgy Shih Tzu who weighs 23 lbs. I bought the Medium Long and it fits perfectly. The size chart was very accurate for him. The company website explains that the only difference in a Short, Regular, or Long in any given size is the length of the straps. But if the straps are a bit long you can just put a loose knot in them to shorten. Big thumbs up from us and our vet approves of it too!

Update: This has been a huge success for us. Maybe the slight compression helps the stitches itch less, because my dog has never shown the slightest interest in trying to get at them through the suit. The big bonus for us is that he's always been a nervous dog who is easily frightened, but he's been much calmer and more relaxed since we got this. He's even sleeping better at night! It's quite obvious from his demeanor that he loves wearing this, and we're considering even letting him wear it for awhile longer after his last stitches and staples come out. It looks ridiculous, but it's worth it if it makes him feel safer. Just as a warning though, I tried it on my other Shih Tzu and she hated it with a passion! It can be a little confusing and awkward to put on but isn't so bad once you get the hang of it. The only real downside is still the fact that you have to roll it up and then back down again for potty breaks, but it's very quick and easy. You could use diapers with it if you preferred. It also needs to be laundered every few days, so we found it easiest to purchase a spare.
Date of Posting: 26 June 2014
Posted By: A Happy Client
My dog unfortunately never got potty trained, this has led to us having to put him in closed off rooms when we are away and watch him very closely. Other diapers have never worked, he managed to always get them off or at least enough to mark. This diaper makes it impossible and he seems to be marking less. I just put a pad into the diaper half tucked in the tummy part and half stuck on the strap that goes over the tail and under the belly and NOTHING gets out, I don't even have to worry about him sitting on my bed or anything- it stays clean.
The only problem was that I had to cut the tail hole bigger so it didn't bother him but other than that this product is great and worth the money! I think this should go into every pet store in America !!! you should go on shark tank this product could replace all belly bands and dog diapers out there
Date of Posting: 06 June 2014
Posted By: Tonua Williams
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