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I was just about to go to the clothing stores to purchase some small tee shirts and Scrunchie ties for our 6 month old puppy who was going to be having her spay surgery and an umbilical hernia repair. But my Vet's office told me about the Surgi-snuggly that Kona would be coming home in.
IT IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCT! It is time someone has come up with an alternative to the plastic collar. Kona is now two days post-op and she has not been at all interested in her incision and the flexibility of the material allows her to feel comfortable yet completely mobile. If I were to make a suggestion it would be that you also offer ones that end just at the tip of the tail as
we have found that we are not using the rear coverage but just leave that part secure in the Velcro pocket on top of Kona's back .....the reason being that Kona is like a little kid...she waits until the last moment to let us know she has to go potty so there is not time enough to undo the back portion and get her outside quickly enough. Please understand...this is not a complaint about the product but merely a
suggestion for yet another style of your current product. I will try to send a photo of our Kona being fashionable and secure in her Surgi-snuggly.
Date of Posting: 28 May 2014
Posted By: Kaz Mantz
A recent review of the Surgi Snuggly!

" Have many friends in the Vet community, from the Vets to the Vet techs. I find the E collar a horrible solution to an already stressful situation with a spay or neuter on a pet. So with the recent spay of my German Shepherd, I decided to give this a go. It is the most wonderful product there is. She did not lick, bite or chew. It holds up beautifully threw several trips threw the washer and dryer, and holds its shape so well. I can NOT give this product enough raves!! I have had several pets and foster animals go threw the "cone of shame" and it's so upsetting to see how uncomfortable they are. I knew there had to be a better way, and this product was worth EVERY PENNY. Best part is.. after spay recovery is over.. it comes in handy. Trips in the car are more relaxing. Since she is a shepherd, it also helps contain hair going all over in car. She's anxious, put it on her and she calms down. Wonderful wonderful product and I thank the Vet who came up with this! The Snuggly is also very easy to fix for those needed potty breaks. Velcro is very strong.. Would recommend to friends, strangers, Vet offices, it's just a beautiful product "
Date of Posting: 09 May 2014
Posted By: Tonua Williams
I Received these photos from Dr. Lara yesterday. The Snuggly was used on this dog after an amputation. The snuggly has been used after amputation on a cat once as well.

Send me your photos Docs!

This is exactly why the Snuggly was created, it gives you an excellent base product with which to work! Use as is or as modified to accomplish your specific needs!

Tonua Williams
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Tonua Williams
In my years of practice, one phrase I hear time and time again is "I don't have to use that plastic cone-thing, right?"

As a private practitioner and surgeon, most of my patients would require an E-collar to prevent chewing or licking at an incision. All too often I would have owners call me regarding their pet's reddened or opened incision. I could empathize - I wouldn't want that large, ugly, plastic piece on my pet's neck, banging up the walls, hitting my leg, and making it seem my pet couldn't eat or drink regularly. When I was first introduced to the Surgi Snuggly, I was an immediate fan. Finally, a product that would physically cover my patient's incision and prevent physical trauma due to licking/chewing. It also brought comfort to the patient with its snug fit and breathable fabric. The big perks: it's totally washable and comes in multiple sizes.

The Surgi Snuggly is great for my routine surgeries - spays, neuters, abdominal procedures (exploratories, gastropexies, etc). It has also been a lifesaver for my Big Dog Little Dog patients. We've all had them - the dogs with multiple puncture wounds, multiple drains, and it is not feasible to wrap the entire torso every day to keep it clean and dry and tamper-proof.

I recently had a 7 lb poodle attacked by a large dog, and its wound spanned from it's dorsal shoulder to lateral thorax behind its elbow. After major reconstructive surgery, we placed a Surgi Snuggly on the dog to allow the drains to do their job and to prevent the dog from scratching at its repair. The owner loved the Surgi Snuggly - he would wash it every day and replace it on his dog. The dog seemed at ease, rested comfortably, and healed without complications within two weeks. I use it also on my feline patients with drains from abscess surgeries. Again, it allows the drains to function but not impede the patient from daily activities. Additionally, I do offer the standard e-collar to my clients but also discuss the benefits of the Surgi Snuggly. More times than not, I have owners elect the Surgi Snuggly. It is well accepted by owners and patients, and I am so grateful this product has hit the market. Compliance post-surgery is much higher with the Surgi Snuggly than with the e-collar, and that is what helps my patients recover faster!

Thanks again- Lara Boyce, DVM Lance Animal Hospital Gainesville, GA
Date of Posting: 11 March 2014
Posted By: Tonua Williams

I am a Veterinarian. I recently ordered your Surgi-Snuggly for my Silken Windhound for her post-spay recovery. Silkens go absolutely nuts with E-collars.

I am thrilled! We are 2 days post-surgery now and it has been fabulous. As Silkens are such Drama Queens, for the first half hour she was sure that she was paralyzed and could not move. But then she settled right in with it. She had already been licking her incision before I put it on, so I know that it has deterred her.

I have already been telling people about it. The Silken online list serve is always looking for new options for post-surgical recovery. They are going to be very pleased. I am the immediate past-President of our local VMA, so I will tell our membership about it as well. And our doggie-daycare owner' trainer also wants to check it out for her clients.

Thank you for a much-needed and well-designed product!


Meg Alonso, VMD
Date of Posting: 11 March 2014
Posted By: Tonua Williams
Samantha had a liver biopsy on November 27, the day before Thanksgiving.

I brought her home wearing the e-collar. She slept most of Thanksgiving but on Friday she was awake, although still groggy and in pain. Wearing the e-collar, she stared at the walls and generally bumped into everything.

She was miserable and so was I.

I began searching the Internet and came across your site. I wanted the item right away and used your list of companies/vets that carried the products to find a location from which I could buy one. I found a local vet that had "two." I purchased the largest they had which was XLS--it was a bit too small but it worked. (Samantha is a small Weimarner, 58 lbs--her measurement place her in the XL Long.)

Thank you for your list that enabled me to obtain my "Surgi-Snuggly" the same day. Samantha has worn her snug garment everyday for the last week--I have washed and dried it many times and I can still squeeze her into it(although one of the arm holes ripped due to her size)---the stretchy fabric is wonderful.

I have just purchased two XL long this morning from your website. This garment has been one of the best investments I have made.

Samantha and I give you our heartfelt thanks.

Marcia Schumaker
Date of Posting: 10 December 2013
Posted By: Tonua williams
As recent email from a Surgi Snuggly supporter!
Thank you Karen, it's been my pleasure to help you find a solution to your doggies tail issue!

" Our newly acquired rescue dog—a pointer—has a significant tail injury. Our vet gave a “guarded” prognosis about saving the dog’s tail but agrees that this sweet dog deserves a chance to heal—before giving serious thought about amputating it. Complications arise when the dog’s “happy tail” sends the bandage flying across the room—exposing several inches of his raw tail to infection, continual bleeding, and re-injury. The other day, we found him nibbling at his tail.

So please understand our excitement about Surgi-Snuggly. What a great design with such great needs! We’re grateful for the personal phone calls/e-mails helping determine how best to adapt Surgi-Snuggly to this particular wound. And, you’ve thought of everything: it’s so practical that dogs can wear Surgi-Snuggly all the time—and when necessary, all we have to do is open the back flap—for easy potty breaks and extended outdoor play time. It’s surely a win: win situation.

We remain confident that this lightweight body suit will give our dog both the time and protection to encourage revitalization of skin cell growth. Your product answers owners’ and vets’ dilemmas about managing injuries and post-op recovery while keeping pets comfortable without disrupting daily routines. Also,your website forum is a valuable resource--further showing your genuine care about the wellness of all our pets.

Thank you for the personal attention you gave us. Please know that we will tell our vet(s) and friends about Surgi-Snuggly."
Date of Posting: 23 February 2012
Posted By: Tonua Williams
Received from Karen S., Virginia Beach, Va.
Macey loves her blue Surgi Snuggly! Not only did it keep Macey from getting to her stitches, she doesnt scratch at her hot spots while wearing the suit either!
Whooo Hooooo,
Date of Posting: 26 January 2011
Posted By: Roz
Happy Surgi Snuggly Client
Date of Posting: 16 January 2011
Posted By: Happy Surgi Snuggly Client
I love this thing!
Date of Posting: 30 December 2010
Posted By: Arnold
proud owner of Buddy!, Atlanta

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