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Surgi~Snuggly ™ the suit that started it all, a comfy alternative to the dreaded dog e-collars.



MEDICAL GRADE ANTIMICROBIAL = *Antimicrobial - Non – adapting, stopping super bugs in their tracks

MULTI PURPOSE = Gives relief for itchy dog skin, hot spots, dermatitis, ringworm, pyoderma and all yeast, molds, fungi and bacteria - Including MRSA and ringworm

EASE YOUR PATIENTS ANXIETY - Scientifically proven to ease post - surgical anxiety in pets

POST SURGICAL WARMTH – Slip it on immediately following surgery to combat hypothermia

HYDROPHOBIC – Keeps blood, urine and environmental splash away

WAGS™ - OUR SIGNATURE SIZE SYSTEM ENSURES A PROPER FIT – Designed to fit the canine body

VETERINARY APPROVED – Invented by a veterinarian with over 40 years of experience. Used by 1000's of veterinarians, trainers, pet professionals, universities and pet parents nationwide

***MEETS OSHA STANDARDS - For non-transferable microbes such as MRSA and ringworm from animal to staff.

Surgi Pro™ can be used in full or ½ suit applications

Textile Made In America – It’s Breathable - Added Spandex® For Stretch & Shape Retention

Machine Wash Cold- Dry Flat *Textile Is Infused With Medical Grade Antimicrobial

Kudos from the Veterinary Industry and Business World

3rd Place Winner!
New Product Showcase: AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association.
"The vets and techs like them and its a great concept, great idea …"
Statement from Vice President of Atlanta Humane Society. 1 of only 6 companies accepted into the
Start Up Chicks Start Up incubator program. 2011 Used by Texas A&M and Tufts University.

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It is my mission to provide meaningful, useful products for you and your pets ensuring your lives together are the fullest, healthiest and happiest!
Tonua Williams, CEO Surgi Snuggly