FAQs about Surgi Snuggly — the comfy, humane alternative to an e-collar for dogs

Since the 2012 release of Surgi Snuggly to the pet and veterinarian market, we’ve received an enthusiastic response as well as a number of questions.
We knew we had a great thing on our hands when people kept saying, “I hate that e-collar for dogs! Thank you for creating a soft, comfortable alternative.”
But since it IS a new concept to ease post-surgery care and many other conditions with a warm, stretchy wrap, we’re happy to provide answers to common questions. If your question isn’t answered here, we invite you to see How it Works or Ask The Vet.

When and why was Surgi Snuggly invented?

In January 2009, Dr. Paul O. Williams DVM, a veterinarian of over 40 years — along with his wife Tonua — realized that E-Collars for dogs (also known as “The Dog Cone of Shame”) were not supporting their pup Hannah’s surgery recovery. So they took matters into their own hands and came up with a compassionate solution. Read the entire story.

Why is Surgi Snuggly better than the e-collar for dogs?

E-Collars for dogs (dog Elizabethan collars) started out as a large plastic dog cone that goes over the neck to keep your dog away from the surgical area, skin issue, etc. Later came the soft e-collar, but it isn’t much better. Unfortunately, both collars prevent dogs from doing normal activities. With the awkward cone around their heads, dogs usually don’t eat, they don’t drink, and they certainly can’t rest or sleep very easily. In contrast, Surgi Snuggly is a soft, stretchy and comforting body wrap that doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement or normal activities. Instead, it allows your dog to go about his/her daily routines, including eating, sleeping, going to potty and of course, snuggling! See How It Works.

When should I use Surgi Snuggly with my dog?

The multi-purpose Surgi Snuggly is being hailed as a wonderful solution to ease treatment and recovery of all kinds of conditions, including: • Post surgery care • Dog bite wound care and other wound care • Hotspots and other skin ailments • Incontinence (it comfortably holds dog pee pads and diapers in place) • Senior dog ailments • Anxiety behavior in your dog Visit our How It Works page for more information.

Where can I get Surgi Snuggly?

You can buy Surgi Snuggly on this website on our Order Now page, or you may find Surgi Snuggly at your veterinarian’s location. It’s also available at a growing number of pet retail stores around the U.S.

How do I order the correct size for my dog?

You’ll find measuring instructions and a helpful sizing chart on our Order Now page.

How do I put Surgi Snuggly on my dog?

Our How It Works page features helpful How-To instructions on video and in step-by-step photos. Also when you order your Surgi Snuggly, you’ll receive clear How-To instructions in the package.

What happens when my dog has to go to the bathroom?

That’s a very popular question! We show you exactly how in our video, “How Does Fido Go To The Bathroom In The Surgi Snuggly?

How do I order Surgi Snuggly wholesale for my practice or business?

We welcome wholesale orders from veterinary practices and retailers. You’ll find our ordering instructions and wholesale contact information on our Wholesale page.

What if I have a specific question about using Surgi Snuggly for my dog?

You may find your answer on any of the pages on this site, or you can Ask The Vet. If you still need assistance, you’re welcome to Contact Us.

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